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Lightweight dumbbells ranging from 2lbs to 5lbs.
1-15 lb Dumbbells
8-ounce glass jars with lids.
8-ounce glass jars
Adjustable standing desk for walking while working.
Adjustable Desk
Almond flour
Almond flour
Avocado Oil Spray
Avocado oil spray (non-stick)
Brown parchment baking cup liners for cupcakes and muffins
Baking Cup Liners
Baking rack and cooling rack.
Baking Rack
Baking sheet, half sheet size made out of aluminum
Baking sheet
BetterBody Foods Organic Coconut Aminos
BetterBody Foods Coconut Aminos
Cajun seasoning
Cajun seasoning
Cast iron skillet
Cast Iron Skillet
Stainless steel chef knife.
Chef knife
Chosen Foods Mayo
Chosen Foods Mayo
Set of three cloth resistance bands up close
Cloth Resistance Bands
Sugar free monk fruit confectioners sweetener
Confectioners sweetener
Large red enameled cast iron dutch oven pot.
Dutch oven
Enameled cast iron casserole dish
Enameled casserole dish
Food processor for chopping food, blending food, and mixing food.
Food processor
Set of 3 glass measuring cups
Glass measuring cups
Set of 3 glass mixing bowls.
Glass mixing bowls